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Feb 3, 2009
Yes, Kay Little IS even more annoying on rocks and co than she was on TJC!:eek::eek:

I was watching today and after 15 minutes i had to mute!

watchable presenters please rocks and co! theres only 2 at the mo, john and ruth, we need more like them.
Totally agree. I only watch rarely now and only when John or Ruth are on but mainly John. I did see Kay briefly today as she was alternating with John and I have to say her nails leave an awful lot to be desired for a jewellery presenter - not nice at all! If John ever goes then I won't watch anymore - I feel their prices have increased a lot and so many stones are windowed. Also their gold weight is poor in the majority of cases. Very sad as I bought a lot at the beginning but feel this channel has rapidly gone downhill. I for one don't need the "hard sell" approach from screaming banshee women with stupid facial expressions! If I like something and I can afford it then I'll buy it - nothing anyone says about it will make one bit of difference and I'm sure I'm not in a minority with this view.
I agree Klosblue, I also haven't seen any silver for ages, I did email and ask if they were still selling silver as theres none on the website, i got no reply.
I also agree with you Klos. I was very enthusiastic about this channel at the start, but haven't bought anything for ages now. Their prices seem to have rocketed and I hardly watch as I don't like the majority of presenters. John and Ruth are great (although I always thought it strange that she was chosen even though the rings don't fit her fingers) and I also don't mind Caroline and (ducking for cover) Victoria B.

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