Did you see Ann's nails ?


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Aug 15, 2008
I was watching the TSV launch last night and was astonished by the dirt under Ann's nails every time they had a close up shot, it looked as though she had been gardening or changing the wheel on a car ,then come straight to present the show. I was embarrassed to watch soap and water aren't hard to find!!
Poor Ann...I remember a while ago Kathy saying that they have regular reviews with the management where they tell them they have to improve on certain things and she was told about grooming (it was a bit hard to watch to be honest - I felt quite sorry for her) I wonder if Ann will be the next in the firing line...
there's no excuse for shoddy nails in a presenting job. it's part & parcel of the role with close up camera work. she was probably rushed off her feet getting to the studio but I'm sure an assistant could have whipped up a manicure set and bowl of water during video clips!

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