Cuisinart Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender


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Mar 7, 2009
Is this not just a cheaper version of a Bamix that was only on a few weeks ago? Has anyone gone for it?
tempted too and cuz its silver and would go well in my kitchen so i would leave it out and use it would like to see it in action tho Denice is waffling on again.
To be honest, you can't go past the jml power blitzer, and this pod looks like a cheaper version of that.
Quality / value for money aside, I have become more reluctant of late to make any purchase from IW. Their customer service along with their well-earned reputation certainly does not make me want to give them my hard- earned money!
I didnt buy it in the end i still have my magic bullet i got from qvc years ago and thats just as good just fancied something smaller for the work top.
It's blade has been folded over 16 times don'tcha know...abit like blender origami....I ask you, who the f**k cares as long as it does what it says it does:25:

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