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Jun 24, 2008
given that it is necessary to peel the piece of veg, and then cut it into pieces in order for it to fit the chopper contraption, why would i bother??
I'm with you there BurlyBear! I personally think the only kitchen contraption you need in this area is a blender. All these other chopper things just seem like a complete hassle/lethal weapon!
I understand SCW - a good reminder that there are items out there of use to people without full function of their hands (I once had a broken wrist and using a tin opener was impossible: I suddenly saw the need for an electric tin opener!). (I needed to get a blender for some of the soups i make; and it is also there for the odd occasional smoothie/milkshake!)
good idea for someone like my mum in law who has arthritis in her wrists but I wouldnt bother with it,it would end up gathering dust I'm afraid,we have a blender,electric whisk and scales and that does us(well me!)nicely thankyou...oh and a lovely coffee maker which we got at Christmas which we have used every day!
I could imagine these take a lot of pressure to work so if you had hand problems it would be a problem.
All of these gadgets look good but in reality you need a lot of movement in your wrists to use them successfully. A good knife and chopping board are all most of us need.
I could imagine these take a lot of pressure to work so if you had hand problems it would be a problem.

I have something similar and it takes a huge bang to get it to work. It is certainly not as easy as demonstrated.
I had one of these and they are total rubbish got an onion stuck in one but since I've had my technique knives I find that its just as quick now. All you need is a decent set of knives as you've got to cut them into fairly small pieces anyway
I'm sure you could find that cheaper on the high street or fleabay. I saw that nicer dicer thing selling for £6.99 in one those cheapo shops. I see qvc's cheapest version is £17 plus postage.
anne dawson suggests that the reason we dont eat healthy food is becuase "its so difficult to prepare".

nothing to do with the cheesecake thats sat next to the bag-o-salad in the fridge then anne?
Ooh heck, I weakened and ordered it :2:. You could tell how bad it was, I'd ordered ay 20 past midnight - my brain must have been 1/2 asleep:24:
I have never used the cubic chopper, but I do have a nicer dicer and its great.

I use it all the time for onions, fruit salads etc. It is used at least twice a week, often more.

I had a cheaper version but it didn't cut properly and the blades bent after a couple of uses.

I got my money back and bought the real one, there is no comparison.
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I haven't seen the on-air demos at all but I'm put off by the name - there are so many "p"s in the blurb on the front page of the QVC website - my half-asleep brain this morning substituted one for the "c" at the start of "cubic chopper" - not a nice thought :lol:
I have the nicer dicer, but finding the blades are not cutting some things now, so ordered one of these, also thought, it might be easier as the food drops down, the nicer dicer, you have to push the food up into the pot, will see what happens when it arrives.

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