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Jun 24, 2008
If I may be so bold Rocks & Co., I would like to make some suggestions as to how you may manage to salvage some credibility before it all goes down the drain!

1. Please have a clean out of your Presenters. With the exception of John Scott the rest are completely unwatchable. Whoever is in charge of employing them needs to be given their P45 pronto. From Jeerylooney to the Orange Miss Burton - you have to get rid!

2. Starting prices should be realistic. While we experienced TV Jewellery Channel buyers know the start figure is some crazy number picked out of the air, new viewers take one look and immediately think you are dodgy! Gems TV now have more realistic prices and this has increased their credibility so you should take a leaf out of their book on this.

3. Please rethink your gold weights. It's so sad to see a nice stone set in a ring pull from an Irn Bru can!! My husband and I bought a fair few pieces from you at the start but I will never buy again until the gold weight improves as getting a flimsy, thin strand of gold just isn't on. Gems TV and TJC give twice the amount of gold.

4. Get more variety and please stop boring us to death with Star Rubies, Tanzanite and badly cut Paraiba!!

5. Keep away from presenters who have worked for other jewellery channels. They have zero credibility because one minute Gems TV/TJC are the greatest thing since sliced bread then suddenly they're rubbish and Rocks & Co is the greatest!! Caroline Lindsay is a perfect example - she keeps talking about items she bought "2 years ago" "3 years ago" etc. when we know she was working at Gems TV. Now she says these same pieces, which she was perfectly happy to sell to us, are rubbish!! Where's the credibility in that? They were "the best in the World" when she worked there and now they're not because she doesn't work there anymore??!! She's lost all credibility - I wouldn't believe her now if she told me the Pope was Catholic!!

Most of us here only watch when John is on and we're all people who spend a lot of money so please have a rethink. It would be such a shame to see you disappear as quick as you arrived!!

Anyone else have any suggestions?
I agreee, sack caroline, ali, and the rest of the unwatchable crew, keep john and ruth. And what about viewers choosing a presenter, have a few do an hour each, then a phone vote for who we liked the best. they could pull random people off the street and i dare say they would still be a vast improvement on the majority of presenters they have now!

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