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Jun 24, 2008
I have received 2 emails from Ideal World regarding their "Crazy Clearance."

I have to agree that some of the clearance prices are CRAZY as they are higher than they were last week and the postage is also higher!! Only Ideal World could get it so wrong .

I suppose if you don't regularly look at the clearance sections you would be blissfully unaware that you are not getting a bargain. Buyers beware!
I was amazed at the reduction they'd made on a pair of shoes I looked at earlier, they'd smashed them down by 4p, yes thats right, four whole pennies! I couldn't cope and had to have a chocolate biscuit with my tea to counteract the sugar plunge my body went into with the shock....don't panic, I'm alright now ;)
It's on now :17: Save me, I'm gonna spend a fortune on this slinky crap unless I can control my urges
I'm going to put my telly on record in case I miss the bargains.:happy stars:

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