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Jan 2, 2009
I'm poised to buy the ever-present karcher on the flexipay deal. I don't know whether it's because its been on so often and they've finally ground me down or maybe it really is a great product and my life will be transformed by owning it. This after swearing I would never buy anything from Ideal ever again. Should I seek professional help?
Is that professional help for yourself or your cleaning LOL!

I have had 2 karchers - one with the previous hubby and another with the latest one. They are really good and very useful to have for cleaning paths and decking etc. This hubby uses his for cleaning the car too. Would recomend and also the one on ideal world looks a good deal as it includes the t-racer which is so useful for cleaning the decking. We bought one separately as we didn't have one with ours and it was about £30 just on its own (bought our karcher before they were doing them on IW)
I've got one. Not from ideal world.... Used it twice. It's now sitting at the back of the garage! Did a great job cleaning my driveway but it makes such a ****** mess that I just can't be bothered to use it!
LOL Rosey!Thanks for the input, I'm still debating. Mentioned it to OH and he said is that same idea as the hosepipe when its on jet force? Maybe he's right and I should just stick with the hose! Thanks for the link SCW , much appreciated.
I am imagining it - but I'm pretty sure either just before or just after Christmas, the Karcher demo man made a big spiel when they did a £99.99 package, that because of the pound being so weak against the euro and because of Karcher coming out of Germany - that after that weekend they would not be able to bring back the Karcher under £100???

And the only reason they had been able to do so for so long as because the supplier had agreed a 12 month deal at supplying the package at the price they could sell on for £99.99.

Few weeks later and the same old package is back.... at £99.99! :54:
You're right Daniel H, I'm definitely not purchasing this or anything else from Ideal. I've actually been waiting for a memory foam mattress to arrive which I bought for my daughter on the 4th January. It was due to arrive yesterday (why the long wait I don't know) but still hasn't appeared. I've just phoned them and after an age, finally spoke to someone who couldn't have cared less and informed me that it had been despatched from peterborough on the 19th and should be with me in 10 days! The payment for it was debited from my account on the 5th! Is it being delivered by bicycle do you think?

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