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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
First Jerrilee was shocked to see "orangey colours" in Citrine and now her Essex mate, blonde Sam (who obviously thinks she's in Gone with the Wind with every other sentence in an awful Deep South American accent!!), thought Sphene was Spessartite Garnet!!! Add to that what Meeshoo pointed out in another post - leather clad Paul Bridges telling us everything is "rare, rare rare" and any newcomer to buying Gems won't know if they're Arthur or Martha!!

I'm no expert by any means but I've learned a lot from the presenters at Gems TV (who do have a decent knowledge), Gav's books and my friends on this forum but I feel sorry for the newbies who must wonder what's what when they listen to these people! Yes there are some presenters who do know what they're talking about - Caroline, Ruth etc from "the other channel", and then you've got John who's just a gem himself and gives us a giggle and makes us want to buy, and dark haired Sam who's lack of knowledge you can forgive because she has such a nice presenting style, but the blondes have to go! Their cockney slang, stupid comments etc are not befitting your channel one little bit! Sorry if this is sounding personal - I'm sure they have redemming qualities just not on this TV channel!!

I can't believe it but I was actually forced to turn over and watch Gems/TJC today because I just couldn't bear any more of Rocks! Not for the first time over the festive period I may add. I'm beginning to think that you know when I have a day off because one of these two are always on so I can't watch! Mind you I have saved a fortune over the festive period because I've bought absolutely nothing from Rocks!

All this together with the overdoses of Star Ruby, Black Opal, Paraiba and Tanzanite, the rubbish "Clearance" prices and what appear to be increases in prices in my humble opinion. Unless it really is a case of 'out with the old and in with the new' for 2009 (presenters and stock), then I feel a lot of viewers will be turning off unfortunately which would be very sad because I for one have a fair few beautiful pieces from Rocks - light on the gold weight compared with the other channels, but beautiful all the same.

So come on Rocks - you want to hear what we think so there you go!
This is all so true Klos. I don't think the powers that be realise just how off putting those two are and how much they cheapen the image of Rocks&Co with their downmarket style of presenting. I actually heard Jerrilee say several times 'Ere 'ave a go at this' a few days ago after first piercing our ears with that shrill shriek of faux excitement that accompanies every item she shows. :rolleyes: I can only assume that her and the blonde Sam come cheap but they really lower the tone of an otherwise classy set up. Thank goodness they have John, Caroline and Ruth to restore some credibilty. :pPC:
i was off for a few days before Christmas and turned Rocks on... to see someone singing (to the tune of 'knees up mother brown') about london blue topaz...was enough for me..turned it over
Good grief!! :11: The blonde brainless one is on now and she's even worse than the other brainless blonde. :YIKES: :pPC:

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