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Jul 8, 2008
Out of extreme boredom I ended up watching the interactive becauty "channel". Perhaps I should say tried to watch, it's like watching an animated postage stamp!

I can't stand the demonstrator for Clientelle. I know she has to show how the products are used but she massages the poor model's face almost non-stop through the entire show. It must make her face sore! And it's bliddy irritating to keep seeing. She's like the NN woman and her poking fetish - as soon as I see her I have to turn it off. And then there's Jill Franks, but don't start me off on that, she's depression personified :D

*wanders off singing "They're coming to take me away...."*
I gave up watching the beauty 'channel' not long after it started, squinting at it wondering what the p+p is! The times I've thought about writing/ringing them asking them to have a function where the screen could be made full size.
I noticed too about the Clientelle demo where than can be hardly any 'slip' in the product to warrant so much massaging which can't be good, I certainly don't envy the models.

As for Jill Franks? I just think of Iggy Pop since reading someone's post....has me in stitches everytime I see her on air :giggle:
oh Iknow, that Iggy Pop comparison pops (ha ha) into my head whenever she is on, which is a lot in a groundhog day sort of feeling. I am actually reading a biog of Iggy Pop and now I think of Jill Franks everytime I pick the book up.........sure this is a sign of creeping madness. Can't comment on the beauty channel cos never watched it tho my weaknesses are beauty and jewellery, am trying to curb spending on both.

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