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Hi Donna,
Hmm ........I love their eye cream, but I love almost all Clientele products, the range just suits my normal/combo skin.
The eye cream is great: not too creamy, it is a bit waxy texture but not heavy in anyway. It really hydrates the eye area very well, i apply it under the eye and above the eyebrow. It sinks in quickly and you can apply make up shortly after.
I do not have lines (yet), only 1 sleep line under my left eye, and I must admit this line is less visible now after using the cream for 2 months. I got the eyecream in the TSV, it is a very small jar, but will last me about 6 months I guess.
That's the one I'm using too and although I don't normally like eye creams I like this one because as Tia says it's a bit waxy and light.
I like it because of the texture, the smell and the fact I can get it out of the pot easily....old , me?
I love it. It has has made a real difference to the skin around my eyes.

I have been so impressed with everything I have had from Clientele and plan to try more things when I have used the mountain of Elemis, LE, Models Prefer, Gatineau I have stashed away.

I am sure I will still have some favourites from the various ranges but I can see a future of mostly Clientele, Laura Geller, Smashbox and SBC. LOL
i liked it too, the only thing I don't like that I have tried of the range is the face wash.
I used it for the first time last night! and again this morning. Like the girls have said the texture and smell is lovely, last night I used way to much as I was comparing it to the amount I've needed with previous eye creams. Even then my eyes weren't at all puffy this morning and they look really hydrated and feel nice and comfortable :cool:

So far everything I've tried in this range has been a winner with results you can actually see/feel... at this rate I can see me swapping most of my usual brands to Clientelle especially looking at cost comparisons! :D
Can I ask which eye cream? Or does Clientele only do one kind. Would you say it improves the look of crepiness?
225724 at £29 is the one I use and think it is great.

Have a look at 225489 which is reduced to £38 and is an amazing offer; it includes a small eye cream and also the Skin Envy which sells for £53 on its own.

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