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Jun 24, 2008
I've seen a few Chrome Tourmaline pieces being sold on TJC over the past few days. They look lovely. My question is this - what's the difference between Chrome Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline? I've had a look on the internet but now I'm confused even more because from what I've read, they say Chrome Tourmaline is very rare. However, the prices on TJC seem to be a lot less than Green Tourmaline.

Have I misunderstood or am I losing the plot here? Lurgey don't answer that!!
Chrome Tourmaline has a chemical makeup that includes chromium and vanadium. Green Tourmaline doesn't and is just a green version of Tourmaline. Similar to how you have Rubellite and then Pink Tourmaline.

Chrome Tourmaline will, generally, be more expensive than Green Tourmaline but it's not "rare". Like everything else, the price depends on colour, clarity etc etc and you get good and bad Chrome Tourmaline.

A fabulous Chrome Tourmaline is often compared to Tsavorite as it has mostly either yellow or blue modifiers.

Here are some examples - I've stopped at this page for you because it shows the colour range and you can clearly see the yellow in some of these stones. If you go forward and back through the pages you'll also see the range of prices and that'll give you a general idea.

Hope that helps you to find the plot! :)
Surely you have to have had the plot in the first place to lose it!!;)

Great question Klos,I have wondered the same meself.

Oh yes I know Mrs Sweetpea! Getting cheeky just because it's your birthday! Oh well I'll just have to send that 5 carat pink Diamond ring I got you back then - shame :giggle:

Meeshoo - thank you yet again! I'm so glad you don't charge for your services or I'd be skint!
Hiyers Klackblink,

I says nought as Sweeps has beaten me to it but <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>

I've got two of these, both Russian. A big oblong in the darker shade and a small round solitaire in a middle colour. Love 'em both the same. xxxx

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