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Jun 24, 2008
I watched price drop last night and I saw this really cute little crystal elephant brooch and I placed a small bid for it online before the auction started, it fell to just £6.50 which was less than my bid, so I got it. Then a bit later, when I was browsing their site I saw the item with one day left on it down to just £5, just checked again and it's down to £3 and might go even lower. I decided at that price to go for another one, as it would be a nice little stocking filler.

This has happened to me before, I bought a foam matress only to find it a whole £20 cheaper if I'd searched on line.... so why don't I ever learn? So my advice is, if you see something on screen that you fancy, order it online anyway, as the phone call's just an uncessary extra expense imo, but instead of clicking on the buy now a quick search and you'll probably find it lots cheaper and still dropping!

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