Foldable Massage Mat


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Oct 21, 2020
This is being sold now and earlier for £199.99 as a new launch

It is a mat inspired by the Homedics version which I have and is a very good product

I am baffled that so far 112 people over the two presentations have not looked online

The price for these unbranded versions which this is anywhere else in between £80-£100

In fact the very Homedics version this is based upon (same functions controller the same) is currently at Homedics for £99.99

Chris is telling us that these are £500, 600 even £700 everywhere else..... tut tut

TJC can sell a product at any price they like no issues with that but this is such an easy thing to price check it just shows some people are either not price sensitive at all or do not have the option to check prices

This is why these random prices (yes you can find them for £600 but you can find anything for a high price online) are potentially very dangerous and
should not be allowed on any channel

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