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May 27, 2009
I know this is probably going to be the same as asking how long a piece of string is, but does anyone know when they might be getting stock of Ross back in? I meant to watch the last couple of CB shows to see if they hinted, but missed them.

Just want to know if it's worth my while staying on Waitlist or trying to get him elsewhere.
Not sure when he will definately come back into stock Chrissi, but if you phone Charlie Bears direct and ask, they should be able to tell you if he's on the list for the show just before christmas. HTH
Hmm I will give them a call, I don't mind waiting for my one, but one is going to the other side of the world and I would quite like to make sure he can make it for Christmas, if not I am going to have to re-think a pressie - and quick! LOL!

Thanks Tabs!

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