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I go down bra sizes when I lose weight.

As well as the injection weight loss, there is also a tablet version. I heard it mentioned by a doctor on The Morning Show, did catch the name. They were talking about the shortage for diabetics of the injectable one.
I’d rather lose weight naturally rather than resort to using a form of medication to drop the pounds, especially if it means that others can’t get their prescribed medication. I’ve lost a couple of pounds off two stone since the end of January and it’s still coming off. I’ve gone down two dress sizes.

Have I used medication or diet pills? No. I changed to a healthier diet and no longer eat doughnuts, cakes, biscuits or chocolate and I don’t miss any of them, thankfully.
I would not use Ozempic or Trulicity to lose weight because long term use can cause Cancer or a tumour on your Thyroid, as well as other serious organ changes, including diabetic retinopathy, we all know long term side effects may not affect everyone, but it worries me. As a diabetic these can be used but currently not available. The pill form is called Rybelsus [semaglutide ] Not every diabetic loses weight, however, you still need to watch your food intake. but has a good result on diabetic HbA1c readings so works well in that case. Diabetes is such a serious condition affecting all major organs. I often wonder what doses so called celebrities and the like take these in because you have to take certain doses and step up gradually.
It was a blink and you'll miss it moment and I cannot for the life of me remember which show it was earlier today, but Chunts was blathering on about loving her baths and wanting the bath at Q. Quick as a flash Caroline from LE said along the lines of I bet your followers will love that!
I sometimes feel bad with some of my comments because we don't personally know these folk, but maybe she is really a nice person, but Catherine pkease desist from constant self admiration. How do any of us know someone as vain as she has not already shown herself in a bath to her male admirers? Or, communicated with tgem. We don't.
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