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Sep 22, 2008
A while ago QVC used to sell a hair accessory which consisted of 2 combs joined together with scrunchie's. It was very good for fixing back long hair for dance practice etc. The lady that demonstrated it had very long hair and could change styles in seconds using it. I think it 'starred' on IW later.
Can anyone remember this item or what it was called pleeeeeeeeeeeze??
I think it was called Stylee and they stopped selling it on qvc but I think you might get them on Ideal World.
you know nothing changes.
people do care on this site.
i was going to post and you kind-hearted ladies, beat me to it.
i am out here in africa and just remembering how lovely and wonderful you all are!
GOD bless you all.

I would like to second that Sscrett.
Ladies Thank you all very much :)
Thet're about the only company who did child size ones & they hold daughters hair back without damaging it in dance class.
Thanks again for your help
you can pick them up on ebay too, either individuals selling them or from the stylee outlet. have a look for african butterfly comb or clip too on ebay, they're just like stylee but beaded.

i love mine, about the only things that can cope with my thick & long hair :D

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