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Jul 8, 2008
Did anyone watch the B&W shows with JR and Simon Wilson recently? Is it just me or were you appalled by the way he fawned over her. He kept telling her he missed her, like she were some lost puppy - it was sickening. It was also derogatory to the other presenters because he keeps saying that he doesn't want to work with anyone else, only her. What's so bad about the other presenters then Simon? I used to enjoy watching the shows but the sickliness of it has put me off. I want to see his products, not him swooning over JR and name dropping. If he feels that way he should take it outside the studio! He's getting above his station and his designs are beginning to head the same way too. It's shopping TV, not soapbox TV.
They have been like that for years, fawning and bum licking. It does get really boring after awhile, same old same old. Kiss kiss kiss, love love love you etc.

He has worked with other presenters and seemed to get on with them really well. Perhaps he does not want to upset Queen Julia?:3:
I also saw julia plug the show in the previous hour by calling themselves the "double act"
If they're appearing together I don't watch. It's like, we, the customers, are intruders and I find that a bit annoying. Plus JR goes into overdrive on the girlie act, flicking her hair, and using that fake laugh.

To be honest I used to love B&W shows but the quality of the goods has gone down and I personally don't like any of the 'cute' stuff puppies/owls/cats etc. so there's very little to see.
I saw this and it's the worst I've seen them! He was awful-not interested in selling his stuff at all just wanting to talk about himself and Julia coming over to do dinner for him. I bet the model felt like a gooseberry! At least Julia tried to get back to selling sometimes. His designs never floated my boat anyway!
I'm glad it isn't just me then!

But something I did forget to put in the original post - he described Quacker Factory as "some stupid show" and emailed JR ordering her not to make the quacking noise. I'm sorry, but who does he think he is?? What JR does or doesn't do on screen should be up to QVC and done for the sake of the guest and the show she is presenting, not because some jumped-up social climber decides he doesn't like it. JR was very odd about it on air and the Quacker guest really tried hard to make her quack for the sake of the show - now we know why she only managed a little squeak. Because some other little squeak told her! He's gone way down in my estimation.
I suspect JR gets so many freebies from him (including those vile smock tops which only suit someone with true model proportions) that she's nervous of offending him and having the supply dry up.
The reason Simon was chatting so much was that JR said that they may have talk a lot to pad out the show as she didn't think that they had enough items to fill a whole show as they were selling out of the items thay had so quickly. I admit that they were both a bit OTT but I have a lot of respect for Simon Wilson. He always remembers people who call up and have been to his shop and what they have bought. So I for one forgive him for having an off show as usually he is fantastic and a gentleman.
I think he does enjoy working with other presenters and was merely winding JR up as she hadn't worked with him for a while. He recently said how much he enjoyed working with Craig for the first time. I think a lot of what he said was tongue in cheek.
I must admit I like watching Simon and Julia. The show is light hearted and although I never buy anything I enjoy their banter. The items usually sell out very quickly and if they didn't chunter on a bit we would be looking at an empty screen.
I can't watch them together, it's cringeworthy and tedious. The mutual appreciation society thing and massaging of egos is nauseating, but Simon with any other presenter is okay. :pPC:
Simon tends to overpower presenters unless they're very firm with him. Poor Craig could hardly get a word in edgeways during their hour. I think they put Julia on with Simon because she has an ego and a mouth to match his own, and she's not so suckered by his constant teasing as some of the more earnest presenters are.
Simon tends to overpower presenters unless they're very firm with him. Poor Craig could hardly get a word in edgeways during their hour. I think they put Julia on with Simon because she has an ego and a mouth to match his own, and she's not so suckered by his constant teasing as some of the more earnest presenters are.

you are soo spot on ATG!! Simon is like my father-in-law, big ego and big mouth, and they favour people who can match them in those 'qualities'. at the same time light-hearted, never take themselves seriously, most things they say are t&ch, very reliable and with a heart of gold. i think they share the same birthday. although my f-i-l is a handful, i adore him as i adore watching Simon and his shows (and of course his jewellery).
i think it is more Simon's fault than J's, as if she is allowed to have a choice, but i understand that his ways may annoy people and he should be less personal. i do not think he cares, he is a 60+ man who has worked all his life...and why should he? you can't please everyone, no matter what you do.
i personally love watching them two and their shows are for me a lovely break from work.:1:
Even more annoying...

Well...I have been looking for a large, rutilated quartz necklace for ages and ordered item 336635, without actually catching the presentation live, I wasn't sure if it was genuine or synthetic as it didn't cost as much as I thought it would for genuine stones. http://www.qvcuk.com/ukqic/qvcapp.aspx/app.detail/params.item.336635

I was lucky enough to get it even though the video showed it was heading for a sell-out, I'm guessing that was why there wasn't a proper showing of the necklace and earrings, just the preview (someone must have timed out their basket for me to have got it).

This brings me to the point of me posting in this thread....why must they (Julia and Simon) 'fill' for time with their banter? I really don't give a tiny rats a**se that they've had loads of sell outs and have to find ways of 'filling' time other than showing the one or two pieces that they have left...give us a proper showing of all the jewellery including the sell-outs for gawds sake! I can't even get any details from the video it is so brief.

Even if they have sold out people will want to order on waitlist and those that have nabbed them thinking they won't get a chance later still want a closer look at what they've ordered with details such as length, types of materials, weight etc. Sorry, but this really does my nut in even more than Julia and Simons simpering, inane banter.

I don't think this has anything to do with sales regulations, you know, they just have to say clearly that they are showing items that are available on 'wait list' only and for the benefit of those who have ordered them, but are showing in more detail what they have bought...whipping them out of sight after a brief preview is really, really, really irritating!!! Rant over.
Huggles hon, Simon and JR can't be expected to just get on with it and show all the products properly, it just wouldn't leave them enough time for their mutual ego massaging and habitual love-in. :rolleyes: :pPC:
I think Simon was worried, that he had fallen out of favour with his Chief B*m Licker.:32:
I think Simon was worried, that he had fallen out of favour with his Chief B*m Licker.:32:

yes, that two, :32::60:but he is very impulsive and uncontrollable, there is little J or any other presenter can do
Yeah, Simon is totally besotted by Julia! And that's fine in itself, but for other presenters it's a bummer (he said that working with other presenters was like working with 'strangers'). Anyway, Julia has been for a lovefest from guests these past couple of days no matter what the gender: did any of you observe how when she was doing the diamond spectacular the woman (forget her name - US southerner, blond lady, diamond grader) - Julia was rattling on about a sketch by Harry Hill that made her laugh and, realising the US lady probably didn't get the reference, said: 'you must think I'm bonkers', the lady said 'actually I really like you... which is quite frightening' (and I'm thinking why is it frightening?! what is it about your liking Julia... I mean... Anyhoo! I think Julia is great! She just rolls with it!

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