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Oct 20, 2009
Umbria, Italy
There have been many brands that have come and gone and I (sad girl that I am) can remember many of them. Can any of you add to my list???

I no particular order;
Mojave Magic (loved that brand), Wish Pearls, Brite Bites (fthe guest was a big guy who was always accompanied by a cardboard cut-out of when he was even fatter), Supernails, Zazz (also nails), Imperial Gold, Nic Chavez hair care, Ariane Poole, Joan Collins (fashion jewellry), Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard (also fashion jewellry), Ultraglow, California tan, that other tanning stuff that I can't remember the name of (now on IW along with Ariane Poole), Molton Brown (of course), Michael Di Cesare (returning very soon), Special FX nail stuff, Dailogue Fashion, Jessica Holbrook fashion to name but a lfew. Over to you now.........
Also, brands that seem to be on the way out Markon and Clientele (sad about that as I love the eye cream).
I really should make better use of my free time!
I remember dialoque and south lodge fashions.

Mint did a fashion and then a jewellery show.


gerry webber

there was a clothing line that was all see through linen - don't know why I think this but I'm sure it had only 3 letters in the name.

There was a steve something olympic bloke who had a mens range

bag et al

currency - helen something - who did all bags and shawls?
Ooh I loved Mohave Magic although I had to be careful with it as I am very fair and looked a bit tangoed when I was too enthusiastic. I have a few pieces of Joan Collins jewellery which I bought in a Debenhams concession, never saw it on TV. Still like it too. Not quite gone but not looking hopeful RLM jewellery, most of it in clearance and no new items. It is too expensive to buy regularly but I was trying to slowly aquire pieces. Lots of others I am sure but I've gone blank.
kim and aggie did some cleaning stuff

I remember them coming on, and Kim squirting some of the cleaning stuff into her mouth to demonstrate how safe it was and the presenter almost having a coronary when she did it, telling her off and then giving out umpteen warnings to us the incedibly thick viewers ;) not to do the same...:giggle::cheeky:.

Brands though...

Konad (now on IW), Molton Brown (obviously ;) ), Dr Denese (some legal thing), Citiknits, Piccadilly fashion, Sondra Roberts handbags (all in last clicks), Moira C (now on IW)...
Simple Green (although Howard still comes on)
some furniture polish stuff - Regency Revival or something
Black Hills Gold?
I am still using a mojave magic must be well past its use by date...well past!

What brands do I remember? Rollikits (still got a rolli kit jewellry box)
Tefal (still got my cheese mill grater)
Mr Max fashion. (I had a fab pair of wide legged black trousers that I wore until they fell off me! Great cut, nice fabric. Excellent.)

That's all I can think of for now. Oooo except for Three Custom Colour. They had a lipstick palette designed for playing around with colour that I talked myself out of at least twice and then it sold out never to be seen again.

And Crem. I bought my first cream blush from them.
Who remembers Scott Barnes make up? I have two eyeshadows, a gold and a lovely lilac, according to AY he made up J Lo, he did a couple of shows and the stuff sold out pretty fast. I can also recall me and my son laughing at Piggin Collectibles (apologies if you have some and treasure them) . They used to have marquisite jewellery on quite a lot too with whole shows devoted to it.

Oh, I remember the Tefal lady. Mary Baker Bypass or something similar. I bought a tefal steamer. For my husband. God forbid that I buy anythig remotely useful for myself!!
Oh Brite Bites got pulled for false advertising. The guy was the son of the CO of QVC US. Law suit etc followed.

Mojave Magic the guy discontinued the brand and came out with Redpoint. Last I heard MM was back again.

Spectaclar FX the company when down the tube.

Pout another one that went down the tube.

What about Lize Earle on selling her faux jewellery, that didnt last long.

Crem where rubbish.

I had a Penguin Steamer it stopped working just after the one year guarantee.
Ooh how could I have forgotten Scott Barnes and Pout. I still have some Pout in use, and I had a really lovely blusher compact from Scott Barnes.

I've still got some FX and Spectacular nail stuff on the go as well. My daughter loves that stuff.

I didn't know that Michael Marron of Mojave Magic was behind Redpoint...who also seem to be on the way out judging by how many items are in Clearance.
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I still have, and use, 3 rollikits, a tiny bit of precious Mojave Magic illuminating moisture. Just gave a load of Nick Chavez hair stuff (unopened) to NineLives for their car boot sale.
What was that orange oil stuff for furniture?
Just googled Scot Barnes, apparently he had problems with investors, he's still on the USA qvc tho. I love the eyeshadow, really nice quality and packaging
Karin Herzog...

Tony & Tina...

I also loved mojave magic and still have an unopened eye compact of which i bought two because i loved it that much at the time!!
Wish they would bring back molton brown though, i really miss the tsv's

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