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Nov 17, 2008
Leeds, Yorkshire

wondering if anyone can help me was looking on QVC at Bobbi Brown page and noticed that it said the next programme was on 29th November at 12am - wouldn't that mean it would be a TSV? But on the TV programme it says Ojon and also when u look at Ojon page it says thats on at 12am as well!!

I think they've just made a mistake but would love a Bobbi Brown TSV for xmas!!! so wondered if anyone knew for sure!!
There isn't a Bobbi Brown TSV.

There are shows tomorrow (27th) at 12noon, 4pm and 9pm :)
Watch Bobbi Brown on QVC TV
Saturday 29th November

I've copied that from the QVC Bobbi Brown page - the meanies got my hopes up!

Thanks Sazza suppose its best anyway as i want the elemis & smashbox ones that are coming up!! : )
Never seen a BB tsv either.Her make up is nice but quite expensive I think.Did get a nice eye compact last year but they are same price in our Debenhams so prob better going there and not having to pay qvc p&p which is not cheap either.Agree it would be nice to get a tsv though!
They seem to be making a lot of scheduling changes/errors lately. In the guide I got with a previous order Today's TSV is listed as Centigrade and Stone Mountain should be next Tuesday.
AY is on now wittering on with herself as usual doing the BB show.''its a prestigious brand and today its thanksgiving ...and Bobby is American blah blah blah'' whats that got to do with us buying it?Just turned down the volume....nice make up shame about the presenter...
I tend to buy Bobbi Brown from dep't stores as like someone said earlier re same prices but added QVC P&P. But if there was a TSV I'd defo be tempted to buy from QVC!
I doubt we will ever get a BB TSV. They like Prescriptives are owned by Estee Lauder, QVC US got TSVs from Prescriptives we never did. And when someone asked at Prescriptives where told never would be one in the UK.

We have two BB counters in Belfast so easy enough to go check the stuff out.

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