Bl**dy hell...IW brings REAL fashion!!!!


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Jun 24, 2008
Just checked to see if there's any fashion "funnies" today, and I see that IW have teamed up with Joe Browns to bring us some really fun, funky and fashionable clothes!!!! I know some of the designs wouldn't suit the older woman with more conservative taste, but on the whole JB's is brilliant. I've ordered many an item for my teenage son*, but have also bought a few bits for myself, the quality's pretty good, the prices aren't too bad, but what I like about the range is the sometimes unusual styles and patterns, and I mean that in a good way. Unusual by IW's normal standards, equates to the garish and the downright bizarre. The range also includes accessories, and gifts..don't know what advantage they'd be by buying the stuff from IW as opposed to JB's direct, I guess you'll see the stuff being modelled....but for a change WELL DONE IW ...I LOVE Joe Browns!

*IW have only brought us some of the ladies fashions, but there's so much more in their catalogue, including a vast range of mens wear.
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Just had a look on Joe Browns website and the p&p seems to be a flat £3.95 per order. IW as we know charge per item, though I believe they cap it at £6 or something, have also noticed that IW's p&p varies for the JB's stuff, they want £4.95 to deliver the dip dyed dress for I'd definitely say the show would be worth watching to see the stuff being modelled, but you'd be a lot better off buying from JB's which also offers the full range as well as cheaper P&P!
It's on at 6pm tonight, well worth a look, but absolutely no advantage that I can see for buying from IW...unless they've got some special deals up their sleeves...doubt it somehow!
:cry: I've never heard of JB's, I must be so unfashionable, even by IW's standard:11::22:

I've got 7 kids and have had quite a lot of Joe Browns stuff over the years. It's lovely, sort of cross between surfy/hippy/boho type stuff. Cheerful clothes. Not always the best made but its a lovely look. In the Fashion World catalogue, they do JBs and it goes up to a size 32 in ladies and huge in men. I have to confess that I even wear it sometimes, if you choose carefully it suits all ages.
I don't know how much IW will bring but Google it to see the range:1:
I got on their mailing list some how and of all the unsolicited mail I've ever received, its way ahead my favourite.

Will have to try and catch the show, be interesting to see the stuff modeled.
Did anyone see the show? Some really nice stuff, did end up ordering some vest tops as I was only buying one item the p&p was the same as the Joe Browns website, and you got a free necklace thrown in. Ok, I now primark are doing vest tops for 98p at the mo, but they've got spaghetti straps which I'm none too keen on, these looked more substantial and should wash up well, unlike most of the vest tops I've bought in the past, they either shrink, or totally go the other way!
I've been waiting for fashion like this to appear on shopping telly! i loved the colours and although some of the 'layering' was a bit too funky for an old bird like me, I picked up a few ideas I'd like to try, like the denim jacket and the dress that Debbie looked gorgeous in. If she can carry it off at nearly 50 then I'm damned sure I'll give it a try! Good for Ideal World for raising the bar. I'm certainly watching this space!

I also watched the Scetato shoe show, only four pairs of shoes but again, daringly different! My credit card has taken a thorough beating. I'm going for a lie down.....

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