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Jun 24, 2008

I bought this ring from QVC back in May/June time

I'm really pleased with it - a real statement piece but comfortable to wear. However, this morning, I've noticed there is a chip out of the corner of one of the black stripes. It's not overly noticeable but now I know it's there, it jumps out at me every time I look at it!!

My question is, am I covered under the money back guarantee? Technically, it's my fault, I must have knocked it but I know stones have fallen out of jewllery before and people have sent it back.

What do you think?
Send it back.

How do you know what the quality of the stone is ? or if it had been fastened securely to begin with?

Was it fit for purpose? I would expect to wear a ring and it to take a 'knock' or two, without falling apart.

Other people may also have sent it back with the same problem-without you being aware.
I thought products were covered by a 6 month guarantee? (it used to be 12 months)

I would call CS and tell them that part of the stone has chipped off 'under normal wear'. There's a good chance that as it's now chipped more will fall out and the ring would then be unwearable.
I have previously bought my mum a bracelet and with in 7 months it broke, so I emailed QVC and they said they would replace it. Its always worth a shot esp since you havent had the ring very long. There could have been a hairline fracture in the stone and when you knocked it could have caused the chip.
Good luck!
Phone CS and explain the ring is damaged. Say you actually only wore it a few times.

I had a Tanzanite ring just over a year and noticed a stone had fallen out. I phoned CS and explained, I was told to send the ring back and they would try to repair it for me. Of course they couldn't and the ring was no longer stocked. I received my money back and also full postage too.

They class it as not fit for the purpose bought I believe.
Thanks for the help as always.

I don't want a refund. The ring was purchased to remind me of someone close to me who died earlier this year - I was devastated when I discovered it was chipped.

I'll try and contact them and see what they say- it's in stock so hopefully I can have a replacement.
I bought a Viva Las Vegas ring 2 years ago, about a year after I had it one of the stones fell out, CS said no way could I get it fixed.
I think the guideline seems to be under a year from purchase, i think thats the way i remember it.
I purchased a ring from QVC and noticed that a small stone was missing, it was 11 and 1/2 months later. I called CS and they told me to return it for a full refund. Must say excellent service.
I know its not jewellery but I purchased one of those electronic tyre pressure pumps, the end fell off after 11 months they delivered a new one and took the old one away no quibble.

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