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Another rip off ! You would think they'd check up before putting it on at the price they are asking for :mad:
As soon as I saw it last night I knew it would be miles cheaper elsewhere. I don't know why they sell any branded items like this because without much searching on the net you can always find it cheaper. It just makes it so embarrassing when they make it a POTD and talk about nothing else for whole hour.
I don't mean to be over negative but I feel the channel has gone downhill alot in recent months, so much so I hardly watch it anymore, the 'fun' has certainly vanished from the presenters, plus the quality of products seem to be garbage!
4 day special? more like 4 day migrane, it has become very boring imo.
Why only the last few months I think it has been going downhill for a while.
You can buy the machine on its own for £50something, but you get extras with the Ideal World/C&C package which would cost an extra £15-£20. As the extras are cutting pads, they're not really extras - they're necessities.
I feel for the people without computers, they have no means of searching out better prices.
The same goes for housebound, anyone that can't drive, they too, have no means of 'seeing' for themselves just what is available

I don't (won't) buy now due to past issues (the original My Craft Studio debacle) once bitten twice shy. I used to buy on a regular basis in the days when there was alternative crafts!

I now just use for ideas (though they are getting far from original now) and for what 'new' products etc are about.

But now the 'presenters' yak to much, I bet if someone did actually time the demo's it would be a small percentage, the product details a little more, then the useless wittering a far higher percentage

I get so steamed up that now I record, play at fast, slow down if something catches my eye, though must admit I feel asleep last night doing just that and only the silence woke me as the recording had ended!
it's a real shame i missed this, it looks really good despite the mistake IW seem to have made with their pricing of this product.

does anyone know if this weighs less than the original sizzix? it's not a deal breaker, but i would like to know...

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