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Dec 29, 2008
Hi all

I just wanted to post a thread about item VA977 -

I think there may be a fault with the item or batch.
I have bought 2 pairs so far, one was returned as it was broke before I took it out the bag & the other broke when I went to take it out of my jewellery box and was put in the bin. Again, never worn. :(
My mum has also bought a pair and had to superglue them, I hadn't thought about doing that until i had put them in the bin :p.

Just to make you all aware. I know they go quite cheap these days but still, the inconvenience of having to send them back etc can be a bit of a pain. :p
What a pita...:25:

Suggest you e-mail Rocks and say this - or someone may have seen your post...

You'd get p&p refunded if item is faulty, but is a pain having to do it - items should be checked before they go out...
Thanks Jacky for the warning. I do have these and have been wearing them a few times - but they are still intact!!

I would e-mail CS and let them know :)
i had so far 2 faulty items, a ring with a loose stone and a bracelet with a lock problem. I got my money and PP refunded, but I know it is a pain to go to the PO and send it back, I hate going to the post office as I know that I will be there min 30 min in the queu
The CS at Rocks is so good, I'm sure they would always appreciate the chance to put things right, though it is a pain having to go to the Post Office.
Personally I wasn't that bothered as I have 2 other pairs of rocks white jade earrings & it is the only prob I have had with rocks out of over 200 pieces but thought I'd let you all know as I've seen them on quite a few times lately. :)
Thanks for the heads up GlamD - I don't have these ones, but do have 2 other white jade pairs which are okay. Like you, I haven't had many problems with faulty goods, but on the odd occasion CS have been excellent with refund for item and P&P. :1:
The same thing happened to mine, I had 2 pairs and both pairs had one fall apart, I sent them back with other stuff of greater value.

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