Betty Go Away Grey Intimate Hair Dye


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Dec 9, 2008
Swansea, West Glamorgan
I am traumatised and it serves me right for not changing channels. What will they think of next.

Apart from the name (I will never be able to look the Queen in the eye again) I nearly had a serious accident when the presenter (sorry I don't know who she is) said

"Its great just to be honest 'cos if you're not honest... if you sweep things under the rug for too long all you end up with is a lumpy rug and you've got a bigger problem than you started with."
I think there's a lot to be said for letting it go au natural... means you won't find any short, curly visitors in your bed sheets :54:
So if all grey lady garden hairs are called Betty....what is the male equivalent?

Bob bugger off maybe!!!??:D:D
Have you tried a comb-over Sue?:33:
A la Charlton you mean?? :YIKES: Nah hon, me do-it-yourself Brazilian went a bit slip of the Bic and a wonky landing strip. :Whistling: :D :pPC:
:eek::eek::eek: was this on qvc:eek:

did julia require a small? did alison y literally actual ml for ml value name the celebs who use it? did anna dawson have her minging finger nails round a nunu showing us how much to slap on did cathy taylor have no idea where the nunu was and no idea how to give it a burt reynold make over

and the nunu floor tightner could you literally buy it here on qvc the shopping channel, and receive an unwanted return complte with attached nunu fur post bye bye bettying
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Although I did not see this - would your nunu end up looking like Tom Jones' barnet?????
omg just had a thought, can you imagine alan partridge, oop sorry, dale franklin, teasing us. 'oh wait till i show you wot i have, just wait until you the inside the box its shiny, glittery and silver, it pre betty:eek:

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