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#5 That's be OK Bluebell as I've been considering a grater! (As long as it's one with a handle as I'm not very 'bendy'! lol)
Yes I reckon it will be some kind of pedicure grater type thing to make sure that we can all get out trotters into a "little shoe" or our 12,000 pairs of Birkenstocks!!

If its another set of tweezers however, I think I'll scream!!!! QVC, we don't all walk around with a mono-brow y'know!!
Would that be with or without a magnifying mirror? lol
(Please no, have mercy.......!) :17:

I think you've guessed it, KWC, LOL. If it's for travelling, it might be on a key fob :D

Actually I think it might well be a "grater" - the Ped Egg is being advertised a lot at the moment, they'll probably put it in a set with some foot cream and a little bag.
Pedpro Battery Operated Foot File with Vacuum

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Get your feet ready for sandals, flip-flops and summer shoes with this handy Pedpro battery operated foot file. It uses a rotating filing disc to file hard skin off your feet and then there are five buffing discs to help leave your feet feeling silky soft. There are two speed settings so you can take care of hard skin around your heel at the higher speed (up to 500rpm) and then switch down to deal with more sensitive areas of your feet. The Pedpro has a built-in vacuum so you won't make a mess and the cover cap doubles as a stand.
If it hasn't got an LED light on it, I'm not interested :D

Nah, quite right! If the last one made the model's feet bleed, it might make my feet bleed, in which case how am I supposed to see to mop up the blood without an LED light.......? :28:

Seriously though, I do so not want this, ta very much QVC.......! :p

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