Beauty Makeovers TSV 30th Dec


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Beauty TSVs without a brand name in the title do generally tend to be a bit disappointing so I won't be holding my breath.
Mabe it's the Freeze 24/7, not had any of those in ages.

I hope not. I can only take so much of seeing the model (Frankie) with one eyebrow raised up and the Freeze/24 biddy droning on about how she doesn't wear foundation any more. Ye gods!:mad::(
I would say it will be a tweezers in a special holder with an LED light and a 10 x mag mirror! Jellybaby, I love the idea of a balaclava
If it was the Tresonic that would Pee off all those who have bought it since it was a TSV last time and paid more. No doubt by the usual £3:p

Or it could be the Tresonic Plus version. With its own special for the ladies LCD light and vibrate.;)
Be still my beating heart. Tweezers, fascial toners, hair remover whatever, ugh and boo to all of it. I am feeling grumpy this morning got to go to work and the weather is vile.

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