Beauty Day/Bare Escentuals TSV - 18/07/09


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Jun 24, 2008

Just to let you know there is a Bare Escentuals TSV on Saturday 18th July.

Looks like it's a Beauty Day as well !!
Have i gone mad or did they just say on the advert for this day 3 tsvs, nails (leighton denny) hair (ojon) and make up (be)? this maybe the big sizes america just had for independents day. the three companies are on all day?!
I really hope we get the same as the US version of the TSV. The m,ascara had rave reviews, although some mixed reviews about some of the colors in the shadows.
Hope the wait is going to be worth it.
There is a BE TSV on qvc germany today perhaps we are more likely to get this than the US one
The german TSV is very boring though, really just the basic's apart from it being with SPF (which I thought itl had???) I thought they said it was meant to be something special?:thinking2:

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