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Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
Jun 24, 2008
borderline Cheshire
thought we could post our 'finds' here so as no-one misses out on 'couture at a price one can afford'....
so for starters;


only £12.23
Oh I say the first 'outfit' is such a bargain Mrs J...............Should I..............Shouldn't I..........OH the decisions..........
Cami & 2x Briefs with Bonus Organza Bag
To hold you in in all the right places

Not sure what the bag is for!:ANYWORD:
Brown, silver and tan just my fav colours and so tastefully put together. Could I wear my butterfly muslin knickers on the top of those silver slacks. Would I get away with it do you think?

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I love this swimming costume:-
I have picked my outfit for new years eve, now all I need is a nice pair of fleeflots and a Moira C handbag.:D Xena I don't think you will need any knickers with them silver slacks.:54:
Once again I've missed out on these fab fashion finds. PLEASE, PLEASE PM me the next time IW has fashion bargains. I am green with envy at your new lokk Mrs James, you sure look the bizz. :lol:

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