Arty Farty's Carol


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Jun 24, 2008
Just watched this lady with her templates for the first time. Is she OK? She sounds as if she's about to expire. What a cough.
Oh I'm sure we'll see her with an oxygen mask in one hand and a fag in the other for a few more years yet!!! Self inflicted lung damage I'm sure.
I find her unwatchable tbh. I'm not sure why, she's probably a nice enough lady.
I like her, think she's a character. Much better than some of the very bland sales folk that you see.
I like her, she makes me laugh, the cough is awful and she always has it, sounds like too many ciggies.
Carols been on again today, this morning and repeated this evening with Martin. Lots of laughter and a few blunders, but crafting is supposed to be fun.
She makes me laugh, and there is always a blunder, but beneath all that she is very clever in the way she can design the templates. Not my thing, but it is always amusing to watch if there is nothing else on. I don't know if she smokes like a chimney or if she has a chest problem, but the cough sounds awful.
is the lady who did arty farty templates still going or has the business folded?
If memory serves me right I believe the business was sold to someone. I can remember being at a craft show and the templates were being sold but not under the Arty Farty name. I can't remember what company it was though and haven't seen or heard of the templates recently.

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