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Sep 2, 2008
You have to laugh at Ideal World.

Yesterday morning they were flogging Super Million Hair to people who don't have enough hair... in the right places.

Today it's a Rio Laser Hair Removal BlockBuster for people who have hair... in the wrong places.

It's a shame those who have too much hair can't get together with those who don't enough and cut out the middleman. :grin:

I'm off to unclog my shower drain if anyone's interested... :happy:
In related news.....Loen today threw a bit of a huge spanner in the works of Rio Laser.....she was on a show and mentioned casually how she has now started waxing her legs.
Loen especially has had one of these machines supposedly since it came out 3 years ago. I find it hard to believe she hasn't 'done' her legs in that time.
Something smells fishy here.......
Loen once slipped up on air and said she never bought anything from Ideal who knows what to believe ;)
Any of the follically challenged out there are more than welcome to my old's a bit moth eaten but there's enough left for a comb over :emo:
Has anyone seen the new Rio hair remover in Argos? Something like IPL or something which doesn't work on the face. How long til we have everyone and sundry banging on that "those laser systems were good, BUT...."

Hmmmmm, I give it a year tops.

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