are we all looking forward to the new launch tonight?


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These are the same as the 'diamonique' at QVC. A friend of mine bought the one shown as Item Code: 140461 - Diamantaire Sterling Silver Flower Burst Ring - from QVC earlier this year. I don't know if they are still stocking it but it's certainly the same ring. Are IW buying up old stock from QVC? Plus QVC nearly always market their Diamonique as 'exclusive to QVC'? so they must've discontinued this design (and the others, they look familiar too) or they could done for claiming exculsivity, couldn't they?
If I have to wait much longer, I'll burst.....
If they make this launch any cheesier, I'm gonna drop off!
God, it's boring..zzzzzzzz
I caught the last show yesterday. Whether the jewellery looks like the 'real thing' it's difficult to say from a TV picture, but those boxes it's being sent out in - well, talk about tacky! (just my opinion, of course :59:) Why do they feel the need to stamp diamantaire all over the ribbon? :33:

But yippeeeeeeee............there might be another show in December. Ooooooo - I can't wait! :20:
They were both done up like dogs dinners....a tad over the top I thought :20:

They didn't have any chemistry between them either. Debbie Dooberry would make a remark and then Shaun would immediately say the same thing. I reckon they were sending each other to sleep as well as uszzzzzzz..

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