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Jul 12, 2008
I've just had enough of IW's non-existent customer service and want to know what's the best way to name and shame them?

I reported an item as missing to IW 6 weeks' ago after receiving only 1 item when there should have been 2 per the packing note. Despite 6 phone calls taking collectively almost an hour to their 0870 number and call centre in India and a stinking letter the matter is still not resolved. It's hardly worth the effort for the £12.99 I am owed, but I don't see why they should be allowed to get away with it.

I am going to put a complaint in to the ASA and get a chargeback from my bank, but any other tips on publicising their rubbish customer service would be gratefully received.
Oh hun, it is well known that their CS is non-existent.

hope it gets sorted soon hun.

I am sure someone will be along asap with some excellent advice for you.
I've noticed a pattern with IW. Problems seem to occur when you order more than one of an item (that's what happened i my case with them and I've seen it so may times on this board). God knows why their system can't cope, it's hardly rocket science.
i personally have done and would recommend the following - firstly contact your bank and make a complaint through them and make sure you get the money back through the bank - making the bank do it gives another organisation a view on what is going on and to raise a dispute against a trader is never a good thing for the trader (if the name appears enough times it will appear on the bank's don't touch with a barge poll list).

secondly, vote with your feet! cancel the order (or get the refund) and just don't shop with them. their deals i have found are not that great - shopping around usually results in finding a good alternative. i spent hours on the phone to the people in the uk management team patiently explaining the problem and everytime i felt like (although i was talking to the SAME person) they did not know what was going on and they had done nothing since the call before. it is not worth it. is is just a waste of your time and your energy - they just are not bothered. go spend your money somewhere where you'll enjoy the experience! (not fear you'll never see the product!!!)
Thank you for your tips everyone. I have started my own battle with CS this week (2 items gone missing) I have emailed several times, written to Head Office and am generally trying to avoid the expensive phone calls. They just ignore everything. Am grateful for all the above ideas. GOOD LUCK!
I would be very careful about ordering at the moment - if they are making a loss they aren't very likely to want to give your money back are they? Or am I missing something?:31:
Well I haven't had any dealings with their CS thank God, reading these comments though makes me wonder whether it's worth ordering from them. I only tend to order the basic craft supplies when it's free PP not much else I fancy on there.
I gave up on IW ages ago because of their total lack of customer services and I speak from personal experience over the years. Obviously, it hasn't improved and I'm very sorry to hear that the problem is still ongoing.

I hope that everything works out satisfactorily for all of those trying to resolve issues at the moment.
Many thanks for your advice and good wishes everyone.

Well, I complained to the ASA 12 days ago and heard back the same day from a very nice lady who asked for more information and said she would contact them on my behalf. No sign of a refund yet, though I finally received a claims form (first requested over a month previously!) last week.
I have had quite a few problems with IW and have ended up so frustrated with them that I have decided only to order from them again if it is a product I really want and cannot source from elsewhere. Nearly everything I have bought has posed some sort of problem and the email service has in my experience been totally hopeless. I am sure that someone at IW must read these comments and it amazes me that the problems have not been addressed. I have had my own business in the past and no way would I not have acted very swiftly to deal with customer relation issues.

I have also learnt another lesson. Having placed an order the best course of action is to promptly forget about it and then when it finally arrives it comes as a surprise. Otherwise too much time is spent making frustrating calls about non receipt of orders that have gone beyond the 10 working day delivery period. In any case why do they even need 10 working days............Oh, don't get me started!:mad:
I've just had enough of IW's non-existent customer service and want to know what's the best way to name and shame them?

Yep, my Father had terrible problems with Ideal World's customer service too: long telephone calls that didn't get him anywhere and emails bounced back as unread or undelivered.

Coincidently he ordered six garden lights from QVC, but only five arrived in the box. Father fired off an email about the missing light to QVC and received an apologetic telephone call the following morning and a replacement package a few days later.

Father hasn't shopped from Ideal World since.


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