Apatite Bracelet - opinions please!


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Yes i'd say so good gold and gem weight definitely worth getting home for a look, although you may need to take extra care wearing it in a bracelet as its a soft stone!
:wave2: Hiya PandaBear, nice to see you posting again.

As Cherub says you have a good gold weight and also gem weight plus the cost of the workmanship, I'd guess that you
aren't paying over the odds here.

We've seen some beautiful Apatite on another jewellery forum and praise has also been given to the Apatite sold on TJC.
I'm sure the link isn't doing it justice but it still looks very pretty and colourful. I'm not sure that you'd find a 9k gemset bracelet
for less anywhere else on here. Definitely worth getting it home for a look...but make sure the clasp is good and secure. I once
lost one of TJC's bracelets due to this!
That's a pretty bracelet and a good price, I reckon.
Good advice to be careful when wearing it because of the relative softness of the stone; but I think I see that the appatite stones are semi-bezel set, so that gives them a tad more protection in wear.

Hi Pandabear

It's a very pretty bracelet and one worth looking at irl imo.

I dunno if it's too late but I have just seen the same one in the falling auctions on the web and the price drops to £112........whether you want to be bothered watching to catch it again for the saving though!

Still seems a decent price however.
Thanks so much for the letting me know it was on the falling auctions cheaper sweetpea, have managed to get it for £112 so happy with my saving

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