Any idea what SW was referring to?


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Jun 25, 2008
Just heard SW saying...all stops/comes to an end in January. It's late, I know, and I wasn't really any one any ideas of what she was talking about? Her contract ending perhaps?

Which led me into who would possibly take over???

Anyone want to make some suggestions.....
She was referring to something she had said earlier about her new year's resolutions which was to stop clapping her hands like a seal.

What she actually said was that she was making the most of clapping her hands because it was all coming to an end in the new year.

So, like her or not, it looks like you're stuck with her!:14:
OMG :11:, try taping one of SW's craft progs, lol. That would put anyone to sleep :21:
She spent 20 minutes at the start of her presentation telling us 30% of the stock had gone (I lost count of the number of times she mentioned it) - as if we cared. And why was I watching for 20 mins of this rubbish? - I wanted to get to sleep!
I'm so sad...there I was hoping we were going to find some cheerful new soul who would spring some life into craft that didn't look like a CD or decoupage...cos I hate my printer but can't afford to replace it....and I CAN'T BEAR any more cutesy cutting out--so SCREAM...SCREAM...SCREAM (sorry I didn't know which smilie to use to get over HOW bad I feel about it all)

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