And the winner is...


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Jun 24, 2008
Stephanie's just shown the winning fleece design and it's zebras.
The drawing/painting that was sent in is absolutely lovely but the fleece is just a bit naff. Why aren't I surprised at this?! :33: :22:
Tbh I hadn't heard of another comp or the results of the last one...maybe it just took them this long to make them :22:
I don't watch much iw/c&c these days what with it being the same old same old so I could just be behind the times again :57:
Steph said it would be on again in the week with Andy for "your chance to buy it" so watch out Mommabear - it looks like it'll be on Weds at 3pm.
I'm sure yours would have been far more stunning - maybe you could create some gorgeous new kaftan designs instead? ;) They could only be an improvement on the monstrosities they usually show :29:

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