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Nov 21, 2008
Has anyone ever tried this range before? I was watching yesterday afternoon when they showed a couple of AC products. The concealer seemed particularly good - really covered up some spots and blemishes the model had. Concealers never seem to work on me and I was wondering if this was better than others. Also really liked the AC guest presenter.
I tried it as I read somewhere it was cruelty free. Didn't cover my red/pigmentation marks but maybe I wasn't using enough, and it made me itchy/come out in bumps. When I read the (very) small print, it had mineral oil on it (think it was the 2nd ingredient) so it went back!!
I think there have been several threads on here about Amazing - again I think it is a bit hit and miss. I tried the concealer but was not impressed either and sent it back.
I think it's a great concealer if you get the correct shade . It's very opaque and will cover most imperfections. You only need to use the tiniest amount.
I used to use the concealer and it did cover dark circles and blemishes really well you do need very little but I have recently switched to erase paste as it seems to last longer
I used to use the concealer too & it really worked well covering up small imperfections & blemishes.
The trick is to use a brush & not your fingers & just a tiny dab at a time.
I've had no need for a concealer since using the Smashbox Halo over my foundation,it hides a multitude & no need for a separate concealor.

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