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Jun 24, 2008
Could anyone tell me what is the best colour paraiba to go for?, ive got some money put aside to replace my engagement ring and oh and I have decided a PT would do the job, Some say the blue is the best as its the rarest colour for PT and others say the vivid green, I already have a 30pt PT in a lovely blue/green neon colour but am hoping to buy a bigger piece, Any advice would be great, Thanks guys and gals:angel:
If you want to see the best colour available from a shopping channel, have a look at the thread ".... favourite GemsTV pieces". You'll see a photo of my neon green and neon blue. These are probably the best colour you'll get from the telly. You can buy it elsewhere and get just as good but you'll also be paying more AND they get snapped up immediately by serious collectors.

The bad news is that unfortunately these colours are extremely rare. You may have to wait a couple of years before one comes along, or it could come along next week! The good news is that I've seen one piece on Gems over the weekend that was a great price/stunning colour and a few recently on TJC but nowhere else. These have been the first neon ones I've seen for sale on shopping telly for about 18 months.

In terms of what's the best colour? Neon blue just inches ahead of neon green BUT not by a lot. Basically the more neon, the more vivid, the better the clarity and the higher the carat weight, the better the gemstone! At the end of the day though, you should buy what speaks to you. So if you're a blue girl, go for that over the green and vice versa.
Thanks Meesh i was thinking more towards the blue but i will have a nosey on the thread you mentioned the PT i have now is gorgeous but fancy a bigger piece lol
The other thing to consider - and Meeshoo will know the answer to this, too - is whether tourmaline will be hard enough for everyday wear? I suspect it may not be, and so if you do want to wear your ring every single day without damaging it, you should maybe stick to diamonds, rubies or sapphires.
Good point Miss M.

Tourmaline has a similar hardness to Tanzanite BUT it's more resistant to chipping etc. Although, like Tanzanite, it doesn't like sudden changes in temperature, it copes with it much better. I would consider it a hardier gemstone than Tanzanite despite the similarity on the MOHS scale. For example, you can put Tourmaline in an ultrasonic - unless it has liquid inclusions and then it's not recommended. However, I don't put any coloured gemstones, other than diamonds, in the ultrasonic and clean them with tepid water, a toothbrush and washing up liquid!

For everyday wear they're a better bet than some gemstones but some care is needed. Rightly or wrongly, when I wear mine, I don't worry about them but when I wear my Tanzanite I'm acutely aware that I need to be careful!
Hi Suzy, thanks for the links, I already own several pieces of Ceylon Sapphire in 14k and 18k gold, as the colour is truly beautiful but i fancied something a bit different, with my job, i wont be able to wear the ring everyday, it would only be on the odd occasion and i just love the colour of PT its so different, when i wear my dinky PT people always ask about it and I love telling them about it, tee hee plus its a fab excuse to have gems on for most of the day lol
Rebecca what size PT are you looking for? I saw THE most gorgeous PT on Gems yesterday or the day before (can't remember which now) and it was a neon glowing colour. However, the central stone was just under half a carat BUT it looked much bigger and was on a substantial looking ring. It closed for £297 - which reflects the colour of the PT I think. I snatched one for a friend who ultimately didn't want it so I think there may be one available. There were 3 in the game I think so hopefully they were all good. Good luck if you go for it.
rebeccb, i sent u a pm in response to yours the other day, i dont know if u saw it? if u would pm me back id appreciate it. thanks suzy x
Hi all, thanks for the links and pm's have been away for our anniversary and not long got back, thanks for the link Meesh colour was gawjus but not too sure if the diamond accents took away from the stone, I think I fancy a simple solitare look as for carat weight, I think 40pts or over would be fab, i'm on the hunt now, what a fab excuse to watch gems lol xx

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