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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
Right I am having a rant! :Angry2:

1. Will someone at Rocks check the dictionary for the meaning of solitaire and then implant it in the brain of some of your presenters, if you can find a brain that is! How in the name of the wee mannie can you say there are 3 solitaire stones in a trilogy??? The Oxford Dictionary meaning of Solitaire = a single diamond or other gem in a piece of jewellery. A SINGLE GEM that's ONE gem in a piece of jewellery, not 2 or 3 but ONE - OK???? Stop saying SOLITAIRE unless it IS a SOLITAIRE!!

2. STOP asking someone to work out how much it costs per stone because you are so bl**dy stupid that you are not even taking the gold setting into account! For example - a £799 trilogy Paraiba. "Oh Greg can you work out how much each stone is" then "oh that's only £266 each Paraiba". Then the price drops and it's "Oh Greg can you do the maths for me again". Oh Greg can you stick your calculator where the sun don't shine and tell Kay Little for heaven's sake to shut up!!! She's asked Greg to fiddle with his calculator about a thousand blinking times over the last 2 pieces and I've only been watching for 10 minutes! Who gives a toss how much it is each stone????? I for one don't go into a shop to buy a dress and say "Oh that's £15 each sleeve" and I certainly have never ever sat looking at a piece of jewellery and worked out how much it is for each stone!

No wonder my blood pressure is sky high. I've never been good at tolerating fools but on this channel they're not fools, the majority of them are blo*dy idiots (not John of course)!!

If anyone wants to have a go at me for my rant then go ahead I don't care because it has to be said! If it's the producers who tell them what to say then they should get a job where they can use their own brains instead of sitting there like puppets talking someone else's carp!

Rant over.
And breathe KB.

I said breathe.


Phew, you ok now?​

I totally agree. Solitaire means one lonely gemstone not a family! This is one of my pet hates.

As for calculating the price of each gemstone??? Oh dear me. Like you say, you don't buy a dress and wonder how much each sleeve, pocket and hem is before making a decision - although I have to say that having the requisite number of tyres on a car is a bit of a deal breaker!

You made me laugh out loud KB. Don't stop. I love your rants and they're always spot on!
I'm not hyperventilating honest, I just like having a brown paper bag covering my face :bagsmiley:
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That made me laugh so much I think a bit of wee came out!!!:blush:

Give it another year or two and it'll be a flaming deluge, another five years you'll have to sit in an empty swimming pool and ten years you'll be a severe weather warning! xx
Agh menopause schmenopause - just make sure you've got your cossie at all times. xxx
For the sake of your blood pressure, Klos...stop watching!!!! I have, and so far I've managed to survive. Although, I would miss your rants
I vote this the best thread ever!

I haven't laughed out loud so much since John's "they get their picks stuck in the ice .... I said picks"!
I have taken precautions and jotted down on my shopping list of my mind for the future - Incontenence pads, and buy in bulk!! lol reading all your posts, i have never had such a good laugh in absolutely ages! Tears of laughter are still rolling! and my jaw aches! lol, thanks to you all! You have made my day! On that rant, i know where you are coming from - little things like that, build up, until you can no longer take it - and you have to blow - "Thar she blows!!!" xx :flower::clapping:
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