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<strong><img src="/images/channels/gemstv/gemstvofferlogo.jpg" border="0" alt="GemsTV" title="GemsTV" hspace="3" vspace="1" align="right" />GemsTV</strong> would like to say thank you to all our customers and especially those at ShoppingTelly.com. Here at GemsTV we value our customers and appreciate their opinions. ShoppingTelly.com provides us with a great place to understand what our customers really think, giving us the opportunity to improve our products and services. We always keep our eyes on the forums at ShoppingTelly.com and do our best to keep you updated with any GemsTV news.<br /><br />Shoppingtelly.com is a fantastic forum and it is much valued here at GemsTV. To show our appreciation to Graham and the members at ShoppingTelly.com we would like to give you the opportunity to receive <strong>£5 discount</strong> off any order over £30* Throughout September GemsTV will be receiving many deliveries and will even be featuring some gorgeous items never seen on air before.<br /><br />Simply quote <strong>st3908</strong> when you place your order and we will deduct £5 from your next purchase*. So visit us now to claim your £5 discount.<br /><br /><font size="1">*The above offer is only available on purchases over £30 and is limited to one use per person. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only available until the 30th September.<br /></font>
Thanks Gems for the discount code

Thanks Gems for the discount code
That's what I call looking out for your customers in hard times!!!
Oooh thank you Gems, that's very timely....I've just been indulging a little in the coloured diamonds in silver hour this evening. :mysmilie_738.gif:
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It's great to see your hard work appreciated Graham - Gems TV think the forum is fantastic and value it - well deserved praise indeed. Well done to you also Gems TV for giving credit where it's due and I personally think Graham deserves a lot of credit.

I might just have to watch the Amblygonite launch now!!
A voucher is always welcomed, so thank you GemsTV.:thumbsup:

If I hadn't found this forum and read the rave reviews on Gems jewellery, I would never have even considered buying jewellery from a shopping channel. Now I have a small (lol) collection of some wonderful pieces. So, a big thank you Graham from me for this wonderful forum and for all your hard work. You are very much appreciated. :blowkiss:
Oooh thank you Gems, that's very timely....I've just been indulging a little in the coloured diamonds in silver hour this evening. :mysmilie_738.gif:

Rats, I missed that! I hope you got something good, Sacha :)

Thank you Graham and Gems. I've had an amethyst ring sitting in my basket since the African amethyst session on Saturday, and I've been humming and hahing (sp?) about it - it's lovely, but it was definitely a bit more than I wanted to pay - I'll check it out now :D

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