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Jun 24, 2008
Hi 5 more to the collection... 2 are going back do not suit me but they are lovely...sob!!!

MOP bracelet bargain at £5 pressie for mom

orange pearl bracelet ..going back
peacock pearl bracelet ...going back

orange zircon earrings .. staying so sparkly..pic is awful will try in daylight
multi gem pendant ..staying lovely
thats all till next week lol lol


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where do you wear all your bling marie? I have a vision of you cleaning your oven in all your sparklys lol,
The only good jewellry I own, I wear daily ie. wedding/engagement rings a couple of other rings a bracelet and some earrings, the rest is costume jewellry.
Having said that I've had to reign myself in on rocks, cos I know I wouldn't get the opportunity to wear most of it, only go out once a year.
Woahhh......where's me Raybanns!!!:18:

Seriously hun,shame about the ones that don't suit because they all look gorgeous......the multi gem pendant is soooo pretty......can't wait to get me earrings now:32:

Enjoy them all xx
Lovely pieces Mariek. Can I please ask why the peacock pearl bracelet is going back Is it too big! I have a similar one (white pearls) in my basket. I also have the MOP bracelet in my basket so pleased to hear its a keeper.

Love the multi gem pendant. Wear it all in good health xx
hi BH .. its going back as its a little too deep for me if that makes sense
I have the multi gem pendant i bought it from coloured rocks before the auction site but love it .
i missed out on the pearl braclet but i think it would of gone back had i got one i know what you mean about it being to deep.I love all the zircon but dont have any orange personally so glad you love it .
I love the Orange zircon earrings Marie. I sae them on screen and thought they were fantastic.

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