3 days til sleep week ?


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It seems weeks since I watched anything on QVC Dazzler as most of the shows are so boring nowadays. Probably won't even watch LE for the launch of the TSV - I'll just order off the website.

It seems to always be that way in January, I will watch the launch of Liz Earle but probably not the whole shows, as I know everything there is to know about the brand by now.
Wonder if this "Sleep week" thing is all bedding and duvets, like Northern Nights, and handcrafted quilts.
what's that all about ? Perhaps a whole seven days of boring shows that'll send us to the land of nod ? :33:

I bet it will be at least 4 TSV's from Northern Nights .... :54:

how many shows of these do they actually show per week?:33:
just had a look it seems to be from what I can see that 9pm from Saturday is the time with loads of bed stuff with loads of northern nights it looks like duvets duvets duvets booooring
I watched a full half hour of In The Salon yesterday, only because the lovely Sarah Chapman was on . I remember her from HSE and wish QVC would set her on as beauty expert, I felt sorry for her yesterday as she had to fight with Alison for airtime.

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