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Am I the only person who ordered this item, 226611, it was on air at £24.51 with three easy pays of £8.51, yet i has gone through at £28.98, three easy pays of £9.66!!!! All QVC CS say are that is what the system is showing (the dearer price) therefore that is what I have to pay, they won't comment on what was the aired price and will not honour what they aired it at!!!!

It was on for 5+ mins so it wasn't just a flash on the screen, this is disgraceful

Anybody else who ordered this morning will probably be in the same position

Please advise if you are and what they have advised you they will do about it.

CS lady told me I was the only person who has had a problem, like as if I am the only person who ordered it, or I have a unique Sky TV system which tells me a different price to all the other viewers!!!
Just taken from their website.
Any use?
Says the higher price on the right in their details but if it was the Debbie Greenwood demo they aired and you watched on TV.....

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this sounds very odd to me - maybe try to call CS again...you might have just got a trainee or someone in a bad mood - i cannot see how you would be the only person in this position or how they could justify you paying more than the agreed price at the point of contract, when you placed the order...very odd....let us know how you get on!
Oh there's a surprise, the video clip has been removed.... :33:
QVC spies been here again? :54:

Just as well I took a screen shot of it, eh?
Oh you know me Mrs J, I feel the need to hibernate every now and again - helps keep me sane! :D
I called again today and got absolutely nowhere, they said the price was £28.98 not the £24.51 it clearly showed on screen at the time and in the review at the end of the hour, so I told them to cancel the order and basically stick it. Disappointed though as I really wanted the item but I refuse to pay the extra out of principal.

Thanks soooo much for the person who posted the VT still as that was definitely the hour that I saw it in, as I recall poor old Debbie G and Lee having to stand up for the whole hour next to a table, you'd have thought they would have given them a chair or two.

I just hope nobody was duped unaware until they get the bill through.
Dearest Red

Brilliant thank you so much for the VT still, now I know I wasn't going mad, but they still refused to budge today when I called back. I would have thought they were duty bound to honor what they said and showed on screen under Trading Standards but they just said the computer system says different and that is what we go by. Computers obviously rule the world at QVC not morals. They even aired the set later on today at the higher price of £28.98 so I was definitely getting nowhere so I cancelled the order out of protest and principal. Trouble is I really wanted the item so it was only me that I was spiting I don't think they were bothered at all.

Thanks so much for your help I appreciate it.
spooky - it is really unfortunate that you have been treated this way - funny thing is that as soon as something like this happens, suddenly i find a much better deal around the corner. i still think you are WELL within your rights and like you say, i am pretty sure qvc have fallen foul of ASA regulations or something...but it is probably not worth letting qvc upset you anymore than they have done!!! i'll look out for the set and if i see it anywhere at around the same price (or hopefully cheaper!!!) will post on the forum!
philosophy shower gel prices

i love philosophy shower gels but have you noticed how tight they are getting with the bottle sizes?
i remember the days when you used to get three bottles of half litre sizes for around £21 plus p&p. they were huge.now they want double the money for a quater of the size.
the purity usually in the tsv were always 236ml size now they are giving us 100ml if you are lucky. are philosophy going down the road of qvc apathy?

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