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Aug 9, 2008
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This may have been covered before but as I've only just started watching R&Co, I'm mentioning it because I think it's far too short a time...Also, it advises you to checkout immediately to ensure you get the item. So if you checkout, then buy something else, you're charged another p&p!

All the other bling channels (not sure about TJC though tbh), allow you several days...so you can have several items on one p&p. With only 24 hours, you'd have to be watching the whole time to see if you wanted something else - who has time for that? With several days leeway, you can dip in and out...

I'm sure R&Co aren't doing themselves any favours with this policy. I bought one ring, but that was for someone else because I knew they wanted it.

I'm not inclined to buy again if I know I'll be paying an extra £5.95 for each item because there's nothing else I want within the 24-hour time slot.

Come on R&Co - cut us some slack!
I think many of us here agree with you on this point Jacky. There will be quite a few changes when their new systems kick in, but Rocks seem to be digging their heels in over this one and I get the impression it won't change. I must admit that it has put me off and I have stopped ordering at the moment.
TJC have a short-life basket too, but once something's in your basket (as far as I've ever been aware) then it's allocated to you and there's no need to panic that it won't be there when you come to check out. Also, if do check out before the expiry time (which you need to, if you want to bag another item) then certainly if you're buying on the web you don't get charged further p+p. I prefer a longer basket life and I don't like having to check one thing out before I can buy another, but I can understand why TJC enforce this and having the 1 p+p makes it easier.
Its very frustrating jacky - they make a point too, of saying that you an only have £500 worth of goods in your basket - but that all you need to do it check out and then start again ... they dont tell you about the more than 1 p&p

say for example you have just bought an R&C collx piece at 299 (then postage) and you want something to match - you would need to check out to start again, just so you have 'money' left in your basket ...

if they only charge 1 p&p on the phone, they shouldnt charge webbers more than once ...

(sorry, am on a bit of a soapbox this morning) I have been watching rocks all weekend and knowing now what I now know about the postage (when ordering on the web) am getting a bit angry when I hear - 'the call centre is busy -take advantage on the web, you will make sure you get the piece' (especially if its a times auction, or a change of shift etc...)
I didn't know there was a different policy for phone buyers and web buyers...That's not fair - why discriminate? It's much quicker to click the button on the web, even allowing for the few seconds time delay. By the time you've dialled the number and waited, the item could have gone - are they so confident of a queue of buyers to take your place? And if you have the phone open to that line all the time, you're not only spending more money (even local charges add up), but you're blocking your own phone line for incoming calls.

If the other channels can get round this, why can't R&Co?

Must say I've been impressed with the stuff I've seen, and the AAA Tanzanian ruby ring OH got me is fab, but they're cutting their own throats here...

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