2 wks standard courier delivery...


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Jan 5, 2009
For me at least! I still havent recieved my sbc tsv and your saying you have recieved the lg one!! stupid couriers. useless. again another 2 wks for delivery.

I'm really annoyed at this shocking service. my courier is such a dosser.
Only larger packages used to be delivered by courier, a lovely lady who texts me so I can collect from her home at my convenience.

Since they swapped from RM entirely to courier, I still have the lady, but also had a few items delieved by a really dirty looking man who barely says anything and the smell of smoke and BO is so strong that it almost makes me gag. Unfortunately, the outer package often smells of smoke too.

I much preferred RM where if they couldnt deliver, I would have up to three weeks if needs be to collect my parcel. (Once a waitlist item was dispatched just as I had gone away on 2 weeks holiday but RM kept it at the sorting office.

Not much point in me complaining as I havent bought from QVC for ages but it was not a good move by QVC in my case.

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