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Jun 26, 2008
Does anyone else have any Zultanite?
I was supposed to be being good, but had a little lapse and ordered a very little piece from the web.:rolleyes:
It's a tiny stone, but I absolutely love it and I think the colours it displays are beautiful. I would so love to have a bigger piece someday, but sadly not now. just wondered what other people with more substantial pieces thought of it.
Heres the link to my very tiny piece.

A little lapse doesn't hurt every now and again Glitzy! ;) You ring is lovely and if you're seeing lots of colours, then you've found yourself a very good one. I love mine; it's probably my most favourite piece. When I wear it I just can't stop looking at it, as it continually shifts in colour with the changes in light. You'll probably end up buying another! :D
I have several pieces, in both yellow & white gold. The yellow gold brings out the yellow side, while, when I've worn the white, friends have thought I was wearing diamonds!

I think zultanite is a wonderful stone that you can wear with anything.

That's lovely Glitzy. I really like the look of Zultanite but being a tight fisted Scot, everytime I think about buying one I think about the 6 other rings I could have for the same price!! :Thinking2: Daft I know but hey that's my middle name!

It always catches my eye though so one of these days........................
Another member of the zultanite fan club here. It does show subtle colour changes during the day, then goes a peachy pink at night. It's very sparkly and one of my favourite pieces too. :)

Glitzy, that's an unusual design, haven't seen that one before, very pretty. ;)

Klos, get your finger out and order some. :D
BC have you felt the weight of my basket! I'm skint!! :Sad2:
I know - we could have a Klos's Zultanite Fund Appeal! All Donations gratefully accepted
Very pretty ring Glitzy, i hope you get lots of pleasure from wearing it! Klos i'm much the same as you...i like some of the more expensive pieces, but cant really justify the price for one ring when i could get half a dozen :D
I was shown a good sized solitaire yesterday by one of my visitors and it was absolutely beautiful. Would love to have a piece myself one day. I used to own a some in an eternity band way back, when it was sold on another channel and before it was renamed, but it wasn't a patch on what GTV is selling these days.
That is a really lovely ring ,Glitzy:)

Would like some zultanite myself,it looks really sparkly,but unfortunately I don't have the purse:(

One day,hopefully........one day!!!
I was shown a good sized solitaire yesterday by one of my visitors and it was absolutely beautiful. .

Range price

Good morning,

Can you tell me the price per carat of a 10 carat zultanite well cut with good clarity please? I saw on the web that some stones could reach $5000 per carat, is it possible??
Fluff, Glitzy, I'm just getting a "we cannot find this product number" message on the page when I click on the link to your rings.... very frustrating!
I'd love to have seen them and it seems the links opened just fine for the others ..... never heed.... glad you are happy with your rings ....... !!
Links don't work because this thread has been resurrected from the past (check out the date of the first post).

Wazabi - in answer to your question ........ no! £5k per carat is just dreaming.
Flippin' 'eck, you all seeemed to be getting the link so I've shut down and rebooted, came back and only then noticed the date grrr!

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