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norfolk dumpling

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May 15, 2009
Just had a look on the Yours fashion website. Guess who is one of the models- it's "I mean - you know - ring the changes- I'm a 16/18 - absolutely fabulous- you know- I mean. Do you know who it is yet???:grin::grin:
Nice dress, shame about the looks like her head's been superimposed onto somebody else's body!
I can't believe it's the same woman, I mean, she's not posing in that tortured 1950's knitting pattern model way.

I saw a top I liked on the show so I went onto the Yours website, picked it at up at exactly the same price as IW, added a few other items, paid less postage, didn't have to use IW's woeful website and it'll be here early next week.

Just why do IW exist?

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