Yet another haul!!!


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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Received another haul on Tuesday. Couple of returns but I am getting replacements so in theory all Keepers and love all of them!! There are a few pieces so please bear with me while I load them all.
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more.................... The dainty pearls are childs set but amazingly it fits me so its all mine:1:
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And finally.....:33: The last picture is of the multi pearl pendant but would love to convert it into earrings. Have asked Tony if he can add another one to my order!!
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OMGoodness now that is a haul.
You lucky thing you.

I love them all, don't have a favourite I am afraid as they are all so beautiful.

My gosh I am stunned, simply stunned.
Gorgeous haul hun, Love the mystic blue pieces of course! I think the green stone ring is one i have in my basket too. Great pearly bits too! Enjoy wearing them all x
Bargain hunter what can i say your name certainly suits you.... you have some lovely jewellery there you will need a huge jewel box to keep them all im jealous now............... WELL DONE...........
Another batch of stunners Bargainhunter. Have you ever forgotten what you already have and bought the same piece twice? :D

Love all the pearls- Rocks are terrific with pearls.
wow BH they are all lovely - I am expecting some of the same so it is great to see them in real life so to speak lol - enjoy wearing them :)
OMG - Bargain hunter, what goodies they all look fab,i have a lot of pearl pieces from Rocks they are such quality for not a lot of money.
I really like the look of the Lapis Bracelet- on screen it does not impress but seeing it on your wrist - i think i gotta have!!!!:40:

ps did delivery guy have red suit white beard and HUGEEEEEEE sack lol
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You've got a real treasure trove there bh! Well done..! :1: I love that multigem ring - had my eye on that for ages - looks lovely on you...I got the little pearl pendant and thought the same, it would make good earrings!

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