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Jun 24, 2008
My mum texted me last night when I was in bed to say she had ordered me yesterday's TSV, a printer. I was asleep and didn't hear the text till this morning. She says it was a good printer, but she can't really remember much about it. Does anyone here have any detail - and it is good value for money? she says it won;t be dispatched till next month, so I have plenty of time to get her to cancel it if it's not great. ty x
Personlly i would not buy a printer from Kodak, if it is like there camera's it will be poorly made and not upto much! IMHO
I would recommend HP, Canon and Epson printers as they seem to make some very good equipment.
I think the TSV is more expensive than Comet because it is bundled with extras like paper and a spareset of ink cartridges - these items have to be paid for and are not really free like QVC say!
i got my free which computer mag yesterday & it say that kodak is the cheapest to run & cheapest to buy BUT it was for the ESP 3.PP £80.running costs £67 based on moderate user [ someone who prints 1 photo, 3 text pages & 2 colour graphic pages a week ].....i must say i was put off straight away as he said running costs was £x [ forgot what he said] & my argument with hubby was how the blazes does he know how much someone will use it.......had he quoted this , which he may well have done on pther programmes i may have listened for longer as he did a good job of talking me into the acer computer....
sorry im babbling now........hope that helped a little & its in the maoney which on page 66 jan 09
The main problem for me with this, is that it is only a photoprinter, and as such will be in the cupboard a lot. What puts me off this printer are the following:

1) cost of replacement ink. You will only be able to use Kodak cartridges. Its' worth while checking the cost of them, and how long they last.

2) It is only a a photo printer. You will not be able to use it for anything else. If you already have a printer, you will likely find it will print more than acceptable photos. Especially if you use one of the Photo CD's on the market. They will let you print prints photos of different sizes, as well as changing the look of the print, by adjusting colour saturation etc.

I have a Kodak photo printer, and it sits in a cupboard having been rarely used. Sorry to put a dampener on a pressie from your mother, it was a lovely thought, but you can buy cheaper photo printers that can be used for all types of printing, such as letters, Craft projects etc. Hope this helps with your decision.
That's what I thought too - it was a scanner, copier and printer. They give you a ream of normal A4 paper as well as the photo paper and one of the big selling points they used was that it will print on both sides - and I'm sure I saw him show this with a text document ? The cartridges were £16.99 for both B&W and colour together - they used this as another big selling point. It looked okay to me ?
Apologies, I was not aware it was a 3 in 1 printer. Disregard my previous post. Having said that, I'd still be looking at other 3 in 1 printers. But if it is a gift, that changes everything. Mother knows best !
I looked at the Comet site, but it seems to be available for collection only, and the nearest Comet to me is in Liverpool apparently! I still think it's a little on the expensive side, though the wifi appeals to me so much; I could just set it on top of the wardrobe and it'd free up some desk space.
I must go and look at the video on QVC's website (if they still have it).

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