YBF (Models Prefer) Any Ideas for TSV?


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I noticed Stacey will be on at midnight next Saturday/Sunday, but I shall not be at home.

Does anyone have any info on what she will be selling this time please?
Realised I put Saturday/Sunday when I meant Friday/Saturday.

Thanks for the information, Sazza. Could be a good collection. I particularly like the idea of the Eggplant eyeliner. I've always gone for a plum eyeliner if I can find one, and already use an Avon one as the usual black/brown eyeliners are a bit hard for a woman of a certain age. :56:
I sorted out my make-up box this morning and found that much of my Models Prefer make up had fallen apart - mainly the lids have cracked or fallen off, I have a mess of yellow powder, bronzer etc to clear up. Plus I pulled the cap off their "no hands" foundation and the sponge applicator thing fell off too, spilling the stuff everywhere.

Stacey talks about their "delivery system", I hope it has been improved for the YBF range.


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