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Jun 24, 2008
The YBF Beauty TSV is on Saturday 8th November.

Think the TSV is going to be 225 908 YBF 8 Piece Get to Know You Collection currently priced £29.50


Get To Know You Collection contains:
1 x 11.03g Transforming Neutralising Powder/Bronzer
1 x 10.2g Eyeshadow Quad Compact in Creme, Fawn, Chesnut and Ombre
1 x 2.52g Cheek Colour in Passion Petal Blush
1 x 2.72ml Your Best Friend Lipgloss in Complex Pink
1 x 3.23g Your Best Friend Lipstick in Realistic Rose
1 x 1.105g Lip Liner in Destiny Dusty Rose
1 x 105g Eyeliner in Serenity Sable
1 x 0.14g Eyebrow Pencil in Universal Brown
1 x Brown Glitter Cosmetic Bag with zip and heart charm.
To mark the debut of our beauty line. YBF presents a glorious celebration of style, confidence, new beginnings and best friends-hand in hand and heart to heart - helping each other to look & feel ourbest. All compacts have mirror in lid.
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I am slightly uncomfortable with her whole concept here. Your best friend and getting to know you smacks of using emotions and this "I will be your best friend "to sell a product which is ultimately tat and all mass produced in China !
I can`t understand why she has changed it ? I don`t like this brand at all and wont be buying any of it !
i tried some of the old range and thought some of it was quite impressive for the price...has the whole range really switched to being made in china? she always used to go on about how the powders were made in italy, so would love to hear what she has to say now about the ingredients...
She had to change the name after all the problems with QVCUS, the whole range is retired from QVCUS.
It always suprised me that Stacey was allowed to keep on selling in the UK. I am sure that QVCUS is not too happy about this, and thought all the big decisions are made in the US.If they had such a big fight, surely they would not allow her selling on the UK market?
Her stuff, MP or YBF never appealed to me: it looks indeed tacky, poorly made and inferior quality. I got once MP eyeshadow from ebay, and it broke after 2 days and quality was very bad Give me SB, LG or BB at any time!
I agree with PP, I don't like all this emotional sales tatter, reminds me of the kirks folly woman.
best friends, hand in hand, heart in heart: FFS it looks like a scoutsclub...
:thanks: Sazza.

My money is safe. Have used MP mascara for years, however, recently tried the new YBF mascara and returned it. Found the brush too big and you need to use loads of coats of it.
When she launched the range last visit she said that the new formulations were paraben free - & kept going on about how bad parabens were (like we didn't know that already!) so wonder if that's why some of the products don't perform as well as MP ones did.

I've only ever tried the stuff but never re-purchased. Had the customised foundation for a while then the mechanism packed up and the product was trapped in the container forever (!) so wasn't impressed...

Twinklette x
i reckon her agreement with qvc only included the us territories so that is how she got round the dispute with qvc us...i wonder which came first - the dispute or ybf...i suspect that the ybf range is good for her and not so good for the customer....i am sure it is not bad, but i would bet it is not going to be brilliant quality. there is an integrity that is going to be lost in the new range - i am not saying that ran through the old range, but now i think it is very much about producing cheap bulk items - reminds me of the massive palettes of make-up you can get in debenhams which may have a few nice colours but you just do not know how well they will last etc...i am sounding like a huge snob here, but i just think that it is not the kind of make-up i would trust to wear well or that i would feel proud of giving as a gift. with all that, i think stacey is playing on the interest that she has sparked on her visits to the uk...but it is a funny way to treat a best friend...
I love the hands free foundation - I've been searching for my perfect foundation for years and MP is it. Hope they dont change it or discontinue it.
what has happenend between stacy and America qvc selling her products and why the name change.
Sorry but have missed what has happenend.
I love the eyebrow pencil!!! :1:

Another one who love the eyeliners :)

I use the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner every day and hate it when I am close to running out.....which I am at the moment for the eyeliner.

Thing is the shade of eyeliner is the one that used to come in a 2 part set with the lip liner ("Draw the Line"). When you buy the eye liner duo, it's a totally different shade! Black is too harsh for me and brown is too, well...brown! The taupe eyeliner was just perfect (think it was called top model taupe).
I used a blusher once and it is the only make up that has given me an allergic reaction. My cheeks were on fire, red raw and took a week to get back to normal. The skin peeled off and went all scaley!

I love a bargain, but it concerns me you cn get a suitcase full of stuff for so little.

I am tempted to try the eyebrow brushes but keep reminding myself of the cheeks affair!
I bought a big set in a black vanity case once, think it was a TSV. The quality of the eyeshadows etc was awful. Reminded me of those tacky sets you can get in cheapy shops.

I did like the eyebrow pencil though.

Maybe the individual component items are better quality, but it's put me off really.

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